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We just sent the first batch of WiM member's profiles to Lux Machina, the folks who do the volumetric stages for Th…

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19 minutes  ago


Man, I hate when there's a genre film that everyone flips their shit over and when I finally get around to watching…

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24 minutes  ago


Please, help, does anyone have the incantation to get rid of this attention grabbing alert thing in Office’s online…

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1 hour, 5 minutes  ago


RT @AvidProTools: 🎶 Digital accordion 📸 Mattias Nyström #accordion #music #instrument #digital #invention #sound #avid…

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1 hour, 13 minutes  ago


@twainrichardson This was a good day in many ways...that whole idea dying was one.

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1 hour, 25 minutes  ago


Hellraiser but it’s Muppet Babies.

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1 hour, 37 minutes  ago


Time for my favourite game show — early to bed or Red Bull and keep working.

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1 hour, 47 minutes  ago


😅 That's a wrap! 📷 #locationsound #bali #boomop #wrap #filmmaking #soundmixer #avid

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1 hour, 49 minutes  ago