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Literally the same day the tories posted this graphic presenting skewed information on The UK's record on workers'…

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I went to the awards a few years ago, it was fun

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6 minutes  ago


Since when did leaving a parcel on someones doorstep become the normal? It is insane!

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10 minutes  ago


Felt the bio needed a refresh...

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25 minutes  ago


RT @AvidProTools: 🎙️ Home studio setup 📷 ▶️ #wfh #homestudio #recording #mixing #daw #pr…

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RT @BareLeft: Labour's 2024 manifesto will be a single folded sheet of A4 reading "Open the Schools" on one side, and "Close the Zoos" on t…

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42 minutes  ago


I have reverted to that stage of lockdown where I'm already thinking about tomorrow's dinner before I eat today's.

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1 hour, 3 minutes  ago