Hello world!



I wonder what the box for the #NewiMac will be like...

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35 minutes  ago


Super League score a own goal.

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37 minutes  ago


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us they aren’t also god.

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59 minutes  ago


RT @JoePompliano: With 12 of the world's most powerful soccer clubs joining forces to create the Super League on Sunday, the last 48 hours…

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1 hour, 1 minute  ago


RT @tancredipalmeri: The 3.5 billion #SuperLeague ends with an official announcement in word and times new roman

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RT @SightSndStory: Take a deep dive into the editing of Oscar-nominated documentary #TheMoleAgent with Editor Carolina Siraqyan! https://t.…

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1 hour, 19 minutes  ago


Thinking the next iMac Pro will look like this.

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1 hour, 24 minutes  ago


Think about this every time you read a media report about an event where the facts reported a clearly derived entir…

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1 hour, 28 minutes  ago

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