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RT @WillOremus: show me you’re in america without telling me you’re in america

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American democracy is cooked.

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Nerdist watched @tomscott's latest video and completely missed the point.

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RT @RedGiantNews: It's ✨ #TipTuesday ✨ Do you need quick, automatically animating text? ⌨⌨⌨ Hacker Text in Red Giant Universe is just the t…

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We are thrilled to connect our @moonthefilm cinematographer @ludovicaisidori to her mentor @tamireikerdp as part of…

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🔊 Lightspeed sound editing 📷 ▶️ #starwars #sounddesign #recording…

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New 5-part training series! @Motionworks shares top creative design tips + the techniques used to create his Morta…

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RT @SianFever: @eddiehamilton @MorriganJules @EllieTheEditor *blushes* Thank you both! In case anyone reading along is thinking the same t…

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